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Smart Solutions for Farmers

Personalized Farm Solution

We understand you and your farm. Improve crop production capacity with an advanced crop schedule specific to your farm.

Chat with BharatAgri Crop Expert

Share all your crop-related issues with BharatAgri Doctor to get expert solution. We are also available on video call.

Satellite Imagery based Farm Mapping

Satellite imagery provides critical crop health information at appropriate times and with regular monitoring you can grow healthy crop.
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Amazing services to increase the productivity of your farm

Weather-based Dynamic Advisory

Protect your farm with this special feature only available on Bharatagri app. Also get actionable agricultural information based on changing climate.

Best in Practice Crop Advisory

Complete security of the farm from sowing to harvesting. The only app that provides best in practice agricultural advice for crop management!. Also games, lucky draw and more.

Excellent Agricultural Information

To give you the best experience of smart farming, we provide Smart Tips, great Jugaad ,  special articles on latest farming technologies. Also games, lucky draw and more.

Added Benefits for Farmers

Soil testing facility to know the amount of fertilizer required for your farm. Water testing facility to determine water suitability at your farm and Agri Input delivery to your doorstep!
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Meet BharatAgri Smart Kisan

I had taken Bharatagri's guidance for watermelon and planted it as per the schedule. I have received 60 tons of goods per acre. The quality of the fruit is good.
Bhaskar Shelar
The use of Bharatagri has improved the quality of my crop. I can see and experience this change with my own eyes. My crops get good value in the market.
Subhash Bhosale
I have loved Bharatagri's guidance from the very beginning.

I have used Bharatagri for many crops and every time I have got good results.
Sunanda Bhonsle

Know your Soil Health

BharatAgri provides soil testing that gives your information on 18 nutrients in your farm soil. Water Testing service is also available which helps you identify the essential minerals in your farm water.
Know Your Farm Health

Personalized Farming with BharatAgri!

Save Rs 10,000 per acre on crop cost and increase production by at least Rs 25,000 per acre!
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Get guidance from eminent crop experts

Listen to many Krishi Bhushan dignitaries & Agri Experts as well as renowned experts and learn the best practices for the crop. Also get detail guidance on each crop and learn the best in practice farming techniques.
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Learn the latest farming tips & trends

BharatAgri provides latest updates on farming trends. Market prices and agricultral news are also available. Read the success stories of fellow farmer friends and learn the farming best practices.
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To manage your farm efficiently and increase the productivity of your farm, download the BharatAgri app!

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